Fiber Drums

Lock-Ring Drums

Lock-Ring Fiber Drums have been and continue to be one of the most cost effective options for the storage and shipping of dry goods.  These time-tested “brown & round” beauties come in an assortment of sizes – ranging from 12-Gallons to 77 Gallons, and are available in 6 different diameters, ranging from 14” to 23.” 

Fiber Drums are a great option for a wide range of products – from simple industrial goods such as metal parts, to highly specialized ladings such as foods/pharmaceuticals and chemical powders. They can be made with FDA-Approved Interior Linings, and are available with UN-Certifications for the transporting of dangerous goods.

Liquid-Pack Drums

Liquid-Pack Fiber Drums have a Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Liner so that they can be used for the storage and shipping of non-regulated liquid ladings.  They come with a plastic cover and have a very high net weight limit.  Liquid-Packs are commonly used in many industries for everything from food products to adhesives and liquid pigment dyes.

All-Fiber Drums

The All-Fiber Drum is exactly what its name says.  Whereas the Lock-Ring Drum is made up of several different materials, the All-Fiber Drum is not.  There are no metal chime bands or metal/plastic covers, etc.  The end result is a package that is extremely recycling-friendly, due to its single material nature.  All-Fiber Drums are available in over a dozen sizes and are UN-Certified for use with regulated solid ladings.