Our Products


Whether your product is best suited in a Steel Drum, Plastic Drum or Fiber Drum, or if you require a UN-Certified Drum for Chemicals, or an FDA-Compliant Drum for food use, we’ve got you covered. We stock a huge variety of both Open-Head and Tight-Head style drums, ranging from 15-Gallons to 110-Gallon Salvage Drums. In addition to New Drums, we also carry a variety of both Reconditioned and Used Drums. When “standard drums” aren’t enough, look our way for specialty drums, such as Lab-Packs, Stainless Steel Drums, Composite Drums and Agitator Drums.


We stock both Plastic & Steel Pails in a huge range of styles and sizes. Open-Head, Tight-Head, Screw-Top, UN, Non-UN, FDA, Lined, Unlined and so on! In-stock sizes from 0.5-Gallons – 12.0-Gallons. Let us help you find the perfect pail for your product.

IBC Tote Tanks

Intermediate Bulk Containers “IBC’s” are a great option for companies that use larger volumes and desire an efficient handling alternative. IBC’s can be stacked and moved via forklift or pallet jack. They fill through the top port and are ready to dispense via their integrated drain valve. IBC’s are available in Steel, Stainless Steel & All-Plastic and the very common Composite style (Plastic Bottle in a Metal Cage.) All IBC’s are available in both New & Reconditioned. In addition, we stock Composite IBC’s that have been Re-bottled. This is a great option, which offers the same benefits of a new IBC, plus the cost savings and environmentally friendly perks of being in a Reconditioned Metal Cage.


Cans have a wide variety of both industrial and household uses. Whether for Paints, Inks & Coatings, Oils & Lubricants, Paint Thinner/Solvents, there is a can for your needs. In addition to the popular Round Paint Cans and Oblong “F-Style” Cans, Specialty Cans area available as well, such as Mono-Top & Easy-Pour Cans.

Bottles & Jars

One size does not fit all… There are a lot of choices when it comes to Bottles & Jars, available in both Plastic & Glass. Our team works with each customer to sort through all of the options – Many Sizes, Shapes, Neck/Tread and Colors for starters. We will also work with you to ensure that when there is a specific need, your bottle is made from the most compatible plastic material. Many options are available from single cases to truck-load quantities. UN-Certified Combination Packs too!


Be ready! Whether you use absorbents a daily basis, or if you just want some on the shelf for the “what if’s” in life, we are ready to help. We carry a full-line of absorbents for both oil and chemicals – Pads, Socks, Pillows and Booms. For those unplanned spills, which require floor traction and lab-packing, we carry an outstanding granular absorbent. Absorbents can be ordered by the individual bale/bag/case, by the pallet or truck-load.

Waste Disposal Packaging

We carry many cost-effective packaging options for disposing of all types of regulated and non-regulated waste. Whether it’s a specialty container for fluorescent light bulbs or a bulk packaging option for the collection of miscellaneous waste and PPE, we have an option for your needs.

Safety Equipment

Safety is no accident! Protect your people and your facility with our full catalog of Safety Equipment, which includes everything from Safety Cans & Safety Cabinets to Building & Equipment Collision Protection Posts/Bollards, and Parking Stops & Speed Bumps. Let our team match the right safety equipment to your needs.

Container Equipment

Now that you have the right containers, you need a safe and efficient way to manage them. Whether you need a pre-set torque wrench to be in UN compliance or a piece of equipment to lift and move a full drum into your storage rack, our team is ready to help you sort through the options and make recommendations that will keep your team safe and working smarter, not harder.

Spill Products

Spill Containment Products are all about being proactive. Nobody wants to experience a leaking container, but in the event that something goes wrong, the right spill containment product can mean the difference between dealing with a minor issue, rather than a costly and dangerous mess. Let us help you find the spill containment product for your application.

Container Parts & Accessories

When plain ole vanilla just won’t cut it, we are here to help. Every facility is set up differently and everybody’s needs aren’t the same. Give us a call, whether you are in need of bottle caps, replacement drum & IBC parts or a pump to get that liquid out of your drum. Click one of the links below to see the all of the parts and accessories that we have for you.