Plastic Pails

Open-Head Plastic Pails

Plastic Pails – aka “Buckets” are available in a multitude of sizes, ranging from ½-Gallon to 7-Gallons.  In addition to the standard colors of White, Black and Natural – most sizes are available in a range of colors that compliment your product and branding.

We stock food safe pails that are made of FDA-Approved HDPE.  In addition, we also have pails that are UN-Certified, for use with chemicals and other hazardous ladings. 

Though “Tear-Tab” covers are most common, snap-on style are available as well.  In addition, many covers are available with optional pull-out Flex Spouts and Screw Caps for easy dispensing of liquids.

And if you are looking to make a top-shelf statement, we can custom print your message and logo on your pails – via both offset printing and heat-transfer labeling.  You aren’t in this alone – We can assist you with graphic design services, as well.

Tight-Head Plastic Pails

Also know as “Plastic Jerricans” come in Rectangle/Square and Round shapes, and are available several sizes that range from 10-Liters (2.5-Gallon) to 26.5-Liters (7-Gallons.) 

Several colors are available, with Natural (translucent) and Blue being the most popular.

All Tight-Heads have a handle for easy and safe lifting/pouring that is either Molded into the container or attached to the container – a D-style “swing” handle.

Our Tight-Head Pails are UN-Certified for use with various chemical ladings and are available as food safe, made from FDA-Approved HDPE.  

Closure options include: Screw Caps (Standard, Vented and Tamper-Evident) and Crimp-On Flex-Spouts.

Square Plastic Pails

  • Available/Stocked in 7 Sizes, ranging from 1-Gallon – 9-Gallons.
  • Styles include:
    • Hinged Cover with Easy-Open Tear Strip
    • Slide or Snap Latch for Easy Opening
  • Made of FDA-Approved HDPE
  • UN-Certified (Solid Ladings) available in 3.5. 4.0. 5.0 and 6.5-Gallon Sizes
  • Tamper Evident
  • Child Resistant, while Senior Friendly
  • Custom Printing & IML Decoration Available

Food and Dairy Tubs

  • Our Leakproof/Tamper-Evident Food & Dairy Tubs are a very economical packaging options.

  • Made of FDA-Approved HDPE & Polypropylene – regardless if you are packaging a specialty sauce or ice cream, these tubs are ready for both Hot-Filling and Freezing.

  • We offer over 20 Size and Height configurations, ranging from 8oz. to 1.5G (5.5L.)  Several lid types are available, to meet your exact requirements.

  • Standard Colors are White and Natural, and Multi-Color Custom Printing is available.

  • Many sizes are available with and without handles.  Handles are available in the traditional metal/wire style, as well as all-plastic for easy recycling.