Steel Drums

New & Reconditioned Steel Drums

We stock many options of UN-Certified – New & Reconditioned Carbon Steel Drums.  Our drums are available with both Unlined and Lined interiors, and come in both Tight-Head & Open-Head styles.

Our general inventories include 15, 30 & 55-Gallon Drums.  Other sizes, such as: 5-Gallon, 8-Gallon, 10-Gallon, 20-Gallon and 58-gallon are available as special order items. 

Also available are Specialty Steel Drums, such as: 7A Type-A, TIH (Toxic by Inhalation) Drums, and US Military Specification “Mil-Spec” Drums. 

Lastly, if the marketing department wants to raise the bar with your branding, your steel drums can be custom painted to match your company or product colors.

Stainless Steel Drums

Our Stainless Steel Drums are available in 9 different capacities, ranging from 5 – 110-gallons.  There are several drum construction options, in term of material type and steel thickness (gauge.)  We offer drums that are made in types – 304, 316 & 409 Stainless Steel. 

We carry both Tight-Head & Open-Head styles, which are UN-Certified for typical industrial uses.  We also offer Seamless “Crevice-Free” Stainless Steel Drums and containers for specialty uses, such as Nitric Acid Drums and Stainless Steel Wine Barrels.

Steel Salvage Drums

Though slightly different by definition, Salvage Drums are often referred to as “Overpacks.”  Regardless of what you call them, we have the UN-Certified Salvage Drum that you need – available in 10 sizes ranging from 5-Galons – 110-Gallons.  The popular 85-Gallon and 110-Gallon drums are always in stock, ready to ship to you.  

Composite Drums

Composite Drums are often considered two drums in one.  The reason for this is that Composite Drums have a rigid polyethylene bottle that is built inside of a steel drum.  This two-layer combination provides the compatibility of a plastic container along with the strength and protection of a steel drum.  Having these two layers of protection, our composite drums have UN 6HA1 Certification.

Agitator Drums

Primarily used in the paint and coatings industries, Agitator Drums have an integrated mixing system, which enables the re-blending of any contents that may have settled.  This ensures that the paint’s color is spot-on when it’s time to start painting.  We also can offer mixing systems for use with drums that were not manufactured with an internal agitator.