Steel Pails

Open-Head Pails

Open-Head Steel Pails are available in 10 sizes, ranging from 2.5-Gallons – 7.0-Gallons.  

Our pails are made from various steel thicknesses and are available in both non-UN, and UN-Certified for both liquid and solid ladings.  

Steel Pails are available with an Unlined/Rust Inhibitor or a Specialty Lining that is FDA-Approved or Chemical Compatible 

Though Gray and Black are the most common exterior paint colors on steel pails, we can paint your pails in colors to compliment your brand! 

In addition to the standard 16-lug crimp-on style cover, we also offer a “Dish Cover” aka “Pancake Cover” which seals to the pail with the use of a Lever-Lock or Bolt Ring (much like you’d find on a steel drum,) for easy on/off and repetitive opening.

Tight-Head Pails

With their non-removable tops, Tight-Head Pails have the strength and integrity that’s required to achieve very high UN-Certifications. 

Like their open-head siblings, Tight-Head Pails are available with Unlined/Rust Inhibitor and FDA-Approved & Chemical Compatible Interior Linings.

For easy dispensing of Liquid Ladings, all Tight-Head Pails a strong galvanized steel handle. 

Several closures are available.  The most common are the 63mm Crimp-On Flex Spout and threaded Drum Plugs, aka “Bungs.”

Specialty Pails

UNIPAK STEEL PAILS – For your Parts A & B Products.  The UniPak™ System enables you to ship two separate products in one UN-Certified container, allowing product mixing just before application. The UniPak™ System includes a specially designed steel cover to work with an extended lip plastic tray or cradle. The plastic cradle is designed to hold a 1 gallon tin can while the plastic tray is designed to hold either free flowing material, a small container or bag.

STRAIGHT-SIDED PAILS – In addition to the popular “nested” pails, which stack inside each other to maximize space, straight-sided pails are ideal for products that require a follower plate for dispensing products – such as adhesives, lubricants and greases.  The straight sidewall enables the user to minimize “lost” or wasted product that, which is messy and time consuming to scrape out. 

COMPOSITE STEEL PAILS – When you need the compatibility of a plastic container and the strength of a steel pail, we have what you need.  These are available with a Poly Bottle Insert in Tight-Head or Straight-Sided Open-Head Pails, or with a Plastic Liner